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Tissington is one of the prettiest villages in this area of the Peak and is also a convenient point of access to the Tissington Trail. It is therefore a popular place on a summer weekend.

The village lies just off the main Buxton-Ashbourne road and has been since the 1460s the estate village of the FitzHerbert family, whose hall, erected in 1609, stands in the centre of the village. The village is delightfully laid out with plenty of space and buildings which were mostly erected in the early 19th century. It has an imposing southern approach via a grand gateway and an avenue of lime trees while the access to the east necessitates negotiating a ford in the Bradbourne, a very popular spot with local kids on hot summer days who will gladly offer to wash any cars that pass through, irrespective of whether the drivers window is closed or otherwise!.

The village church sits on a mound almost opposite the hall and has a Norman doorway and font, but was heavily restored in Victorian times. However it contains the monumental 17th century memorial to Francis and Thomas FitzHerbert, which is well worth a look.

Tissington Hall
Tissington Hall
The village is largely arranged along a single street, with the old school at the southern end and the hall and church halfway up. Just to the east of the old school there is a picturesque village pond and a road leading onwards to the former railway station, now a car park for the Tissington Trail.

The village has no less than five wells and is now mainly notable for its well-dressing, which takes place each year on Ascension Day, making it the first Peak District well dressing of the year, and usually one of the best.

The fields along the A515 road outside the village are significant for their clear remains of the old medieval strip field system.

Fenny Bentley - Cherry Orchard farm
0 - Fenny Bentley - Cherry Orchard farm
Fenny Bentley Church - Beresford tomb
1 - Fenny Bentley Church - Beresford tomb
Parwich house
2 - Parwich house
Parwich house
3 - Parwich house
Parwich duckpond
4 - Parwich duckpond
Parwich public house
5 - Parwich public house
Parwich house
6 - Parwich house
Tissington Hall
7 - Tissington Hall
Tissington Cottages
8 - Tissington Cottages
Tissington Cottage
9 - Tissington Cottage
Tissington Church
10 - Tissington Church
Tissington Church - Norman font
11 - Tissington Church - Norman font
Tissington Church - Fitzherbert memorial
12 - Tissington Church - Fitzherbert memorial
Tissington duckpond
13 - Tissington duckpond
Tissington Well Dressing
14 - Tissington Well Dressing

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