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A mountain bike ride around Win Hill, Hope Valley. Derbyshire Peak District cycling

A mountain bike ride around Win Hill from the village of Hope - taking in Aston, Thornhill, Yorkshire Bridge and Hope Cross. It's fairly easy going to start with and at the end but the middle section is rough and hilly.

Win Hill Circuit


Route Info
cycle map
Difficulty level: 4  (1 to 5 scale)
Distance: 24.00 km
Estimated time: 4 hours - excluding stops
Ordnance Survey 1:50,000 map sheet(s): 110
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This route starts from Hope village and takes you around Win Hill. This is a fairly tough ride though there are some flattish sections, notably at the start and end.

From Hope village take the Edale road. Follow this for about 4km, crossing the river 3 times, until the road finally leaves the side of the railway line. Continue for approximately 1km more until you see a farm above you on the right (Clough Farm) and shortly afterwards there is a bridleway turning off right.

Take the bridleway, which doubles back and heads uphill, passing above Clough Farm. It continues climbing steadily round the hillside for a further 1km until it reaches a corner, where it drops down steeply to Jaggers Clough (ford the stream here) and then climbs steeply up the other side.

Hope Cross
Hope Cross
Continue following this track, still climbing, until you reach the high point at Hope Cross, a famous local landmark which marks the junction of 3 parishes.

From here you have a choice of routes. The longer one turns left and follows the old Roman road down into the Ashop valley. Go down this about 1.5km until another track branches off right, doubling back and descending steeply to cross the river at Rowlea Bridge.

Ashop Valley
Ashop Valley
Carry on up the track to reach the main road above, the A57. Turn right and follow it for a little over 1km until you see the road to Hagg Farm branching off to the left. Immediately after this, on the opposite side, a rough steep track goes back to the river. Follow this and re-cross the river at Haggwater Bridge. Immediately over the bridge turn left and follow the bridleway for about 500m until the track around Ladybower reservoir branches off left on the apex of the first hairpin bend.

This bridleway from Haggwater Bridge actually goes up to Hope Cross, so it offers a short-cut with a rapid, steep and quite exciting descent. If you want to cut the corner, it's quite a good option.

Whichever way you got there, now take the track around the south side of Ladybower reservoir. This is easy going after what has preceded it and offers pleasant cycling with nice views. Eventually you will arrive at Ladybower dam.

Go down from the dam about 100m and on your right there is a sign to the Thornhill Trail. This is the track of a light railway built to carry materials for the construction of Derwent and Howden dams 100 years ago. Follow it easily down past the hamlet of Thornhill until it terminates on a single track road.

Turn left. If you want to cycle all the way, follow this road back across the River Derwent to the main road, turn right, and once over the railway, turn right again and then again along the A6187. However, this takes you round 3 sides of a square, so it is probably preferable to take the stile on your right at the first corner, get off the bike and push it around the edge of the field to a track which goes under the railway and emerges in the Peak Garden Centre.

Directly opposite the Garden Centre is a small road leading to Shatton. Go up this through the lovely village of Shatton and turn right where the road forks.

You immediately cross a stream via a ford and climb gradually as the road (Townfield Lane) gradually peters out into a green lane. Continue on and then drop down to reach another single-track road which leads to the B6049 at Brough.

Turn left along the B6049, which is unpleasantly narrow for a while and carries a lot of traffic. Follow it for 1.5km, past the Samuel Fox, until the main road turns left and a branch road (Batham Gate) continues straight on.

On the right here there is an archway over a track which leads to the cement works. Take this track past the works until you emerge on the minor back road between Hope and Castleton, near Pindale. Turn right to get back to Castleton. We recommend the Woodbine cafe for a well-earned cup of tea!

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Win Hill Circuit Photo Gallery - click on the images to enlarge- Click Here for a slide show
Ladybower - View to Crook Hill
0 - Ladybower - View to Crook Hill
Ashop Valley
1 - Ashop Valley
Hope Cross
2 - Hope Cross
Mountain biker on the Roman road below Hope Cross
3 - Mountain biker on the Roman road below Hope Cross

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